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5 Tips to Pass the Ball Like a Pro in NFL

Pass Ball Like Pro in NFL

Football passes are significant in the game. You’ll probably need to pass the ball at a certain time whether you like to run or pass. Here is our certified professional guide to five recommendations to help you pass today.

Understanding Your Offensive Scheme Is Crucial To Improving Your Passing

Even though it seems obvious, this is crucial. Going into every game, you MUST know what you’re doing on offense; otherwise, you’ll never really be able to comprehend anything while you still have the ball since you’ll just be aimlessly flicking through plays and formations. You must keep in mind the routes, the timing, the hashmark you are on, and all of these factors during each playcall. The ideal strategy for getting used to all of these elements is to stay in a set plan. This way, with each game, you’ll feel more and more at ease, and within a few days, you’ll see that your reading and decision-making skills are improving.

You Need to Be Very Pocket Present

Do you ever catch the color commentator during an NFL game focusing on a quarterback’s pocket presence or how he maneuvers within the pocket to extend a play or deliver a pass-upfield? The same holds true for Madden; you MUST continually be thinking about maintaining your posture in the pocket until it forms muscle memory. I frequently observe players that excel at reading the field just walking backward as they scout the area. Are you aware of the consequences of your actions? You significantly increase the difficulty of even the shortest throws, and on top of that, you leave yourself much more vulnerable to blitzers coming from the edge. At first, it will feel awkward but switch to practice mode and simply practice sitting there and moving all around the pocket. If you can perfect this, or even just get good enough at it, your chances of succeeding on offense will increase tenfold.

Know the Timing to Touch Pass, Bullet, and Lob

Please bear with me as I try to explain this; it’s not easy. Basically, the easiest way to describe this is to imagine that you are the quarterback and are observing the receiver from his perspective. Is there a safety overtop but an open lane underneath? If your WR simply blew over the top, you should definitely bullet it. Most likely a lob pass will be made. This is more apparent with practice, but it is crucial when combined with pass leading. A 15-yard dot or an interception going the other way can depend on how precisely you lead a closely covered corners route to the sideline just above a flat zone and just under a deep blue. It takes time and effort, but being aware of the distinction between executing this flawlessly and performing it poorly will pay off in subsequent contests.

Know the Timing of Low Pass and High Pass

Another example that is quite difficult to explain. You want to place the ball in a spot where only the receiver can reach it, see? Consider the following scenario: You are running a 10-yard route, and a defender is following you by around 2 yards. If you attempt to throw this pass regularly, the defender will likely collide with the receiver when he catches the ball, possibly leading to an incomplete pass or a pick. What about if you low-passed it rather than throwing it as usual? When you low pass it, you’re going to make it so the ball will come at a much lower trajectory (obviously), making it much more difficult for the defender to really get his hands on the ball. Consequently, it is now a safer and more powerful throw. Make use of this; it is crucial. When there is a small window that calls for a precise pass but also necessitates getting over a defender’s head, I think of highballs. Although highballing gets the ball up and above the defense’s heads, it might be a greater risk catch because your target must go up and make a play.

Watch the Elites

Watching individuals who are the greatest on the planet at something is the best way to actually be able to tell if you’re doing it right. You may now enter the names of my professional buddies, including TNC Fancy, Dcroft, FreeThePenguins, and Jwall (among many others).


It’s not easy to be a pro in football passing. But keep practicing my 5 tips and you will gradually be like a real football passer in the end. This will help you win a lot of games and save a lot of money to buy Madden 23 coins!

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