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How Does Video Help SEO These Days?


Search engine optimization allows your video content to rank best in the search engine. It typically involves three steps to gain traffic, leads, and conversions with video content.

But how do we strengthen SEO?

The first crucial thing to enhance your SEO strategy is that the content must be optimised for its keywords so that YouTube or other sites where you upload your videos (after you edit or cut the video) can direct traffic from different/multiple sites to that specific video.

Second, you want to get other influencers in the space who can promote the content for you on their channels and share it on social media platforms so that more people can see how effective the video is. Video provides the opportunity to be found by organic searches from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.

Tips for Effective SEO

Video production is a web marketing strategy that many organisations take advantage of. Unlike a typical website, video marketing platforms attract users through related keywords and meta descriptions pulled from the content. Here are some of the most useful tips for the same:

  • Include the keyword within your title and preferably the first few words of your tagline. Add your keywords as tags for any unlinked media in the video post or as captions for any audio content (up to five keywords).
  • Cross-link anything in your post with SEO-related benefits, e.g., text links with blog posts and customer testimonial videos, embedded videos with related TV commercials, etc.”
  • Optimise your video to rank higher on search engines by avoiding low-quality formats and poor speaker patterns. The best thing is to cut video and make it short and crisp, as viewers do not like watching lengthy videos.

More businesses are using video as a content marketing tool, and there has been an increased demand for those that know how to optimise the videos. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why a video helps in increasing your organic traffic and hence, SEO.

Does Video Help Improve SEO?

Absolutely yes, videos immensely help in generating more leads, converting prospects, and helping your brand rank better in search engines. Not only this, there are many other advantages of videos with SEO. Want to know them all? Here they are:

Traffic Generation Through Videos

The algorithm and the background crawlers of the most widely used search engine decide which website will rank higher. If your website domain has regular visitors numbering in thousands, Google will likely rank it higher. 

Other than SEO blogs and articles, videos can be very useful. Using up to the mark and keyword-oriented headlines and descriptions will attract your visitors as well as the crawlers of the search engine. Also, nowadays, people would like to scroll through websites that have more video content. This does not mean that you should add unnecessary content. Instead, cut videos that are crisp and informative from longer content and insert them in relevant sections of your website to make the information more attractive.

Video Wins the Hyperlinking Competition

Other than keywords, if there is one thing that facilitates SEO, that is hyperlinks. Links that you use on your website are a crucial source for bringing organic traffic to your website.

There are many ways you can hyperlink your content. Some of them are:

  • You can publish your edited video on platforms like YouTube or even on over-the-top (OTT) streaming services. After that, you can create a blog post that is similar to that of the video and link that content with the blog post.
  • If you cannot create the videos, you can always hyperlink other videos. An important thing to note here is that the more popular videos you hyperlink, the more are the chances of your website ranking higher on the search engines.

Better Customer Experience

If you can communicate your thoughts flawlessly, a larger number of audiences will be attracted to your video content by getting impressed with your style of depicting the idea. Studies have revealed that around 60 percent of global audiences prefer video over reading long tedious blogs or articles. They take, share, and understand data from videos.

A website interface that is designed to display videos in a visually appealing way, especially on mobile devices alongside desktops or laptops, is more attractive than any other.

More view rate and fewer bounce numbers

Let’s say there is a new visitor to your website who does not want to invest more than a few seconds to know about the products your company deals in.

They won’t be reading you’re about us section or would go to the bottom of the page to see your work. They would want instant information about your business. So, how to grab their attention and get them to stay on your website longer?

Here, video plays a pivotal role. Displaying all the important points about your company, its products’ utility, how your products benefit your audiences, best customer experiences or testimonials, etc. through a video is not only the best thing to do but also something that your visitor would want to look at.

Ensure that you trim or cut the video so that people can get your message within a few seconds. People do not like watching long videos, therefore they skip them.  Various reports suggested that websites with video have 2.6x more visitors time than those that do not have any video.

Listing on Google My Business

Just a listing on Google My Business won’t work. Even with images and creative posts, you may list your business but it becomes quite challenging to get it at the top of the list of potential customers. Do you know what could work? A short crisp video that has all the information about your business.

Creating an explainer video with attractive graphics about your business or even trying to demonstrate a product or service you offer could get your goal across the line. A Google My Business listing will not only improve your business’ ratings but also put forth the first impression to enhance your brand awareness.


Several companies or businesses, be it anything, create compelling videos to reap immaculate outcomes. So, why not you? The trend of using videos is only growing and it will grow more in the coming years. The type of engagement and the variety of audiences it attracts are mind-boggling.

To make your marketing strategy work out differently and yield excellent results, you must start building high-quality videos enhancing the SEO. From your website to your social media handles, videos are the king. Be it SEO or descriptive videos, your audience is waiting for a new video to come if they understand your business well and start showing interest in your products.

So, investing your time, and money in making high-quality videos is completely worth it and will help boost your business. Go for it now!

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