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How to Repair A Sliding Glass Door?

Repair Sliding Glass Door
Repair Sliding Glass Door

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a sliding glass door that can prevent it from working properly and closing smoothly, but if you have thermal break doors, you won’t have any problems. Fortunately, many of the breakdowns are easy for a homeowner with average DIY skills to fix.

How to repair sliding glass door rollers

One common sliding door repair often needed is roller repairs. The first step to replace the rollers is to remove the door. Sliding glass doors can be heavy and difficult to handle, so have someone help you with sliding glass door repair to avoid possible breakage and injury. Remove the roller assembly using a screwdriver to remove the frame/roller screw. Then pull the roller out and take it to the hardware store so you can find the exact replacement for sure. Install the new roller in the same way as the old one. Clean the sliding door track while removing the door, and then reinstall the door.

How to do a bent track of patio door repair

Another problem with sliding glass doors is the bent track. When the sliding glass door track is bent, the door no longer opens and closes smoothly because it rubs against the track. First, remove the door following the instructions above. Then scan the track to see if you can find any areas where it is bent. To straighten the track, use a hammer and a block of wood. You will need to place one piece of wood on the path and then tap it on the outside of the path with another block and a hammer to straighten the path. Then clean it to remove any remaining debris from the track. Lubricate the floor surface on both sides of the track. Spray the treadmill with lubricant and wipe with a paper towel to distribute and absorb the excess. Then reinstall the door.

Working with broken glass

Repair a sliding glass door sometimes needed is a broken glass pane. Cracked glass can be dangerous, so it’s a repair you’ll want to make right away. If the glass is just chipped or has a small crack, you may be able to use a glass repair kit to fix it. However, if the crack is large, you will need to order an exact replacement glass panel or get a glass panel that fits the appropriate dimensions. To do patio door glass replacement, remove the door from the track and then unscrew the side panels on the door frame. Carefully remove the broken glass, replace it with new glass, and assemble and reinstall the door.


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