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An insight into the SEO trends in 2021 – What Marketers Need to Know!


Search engine optimization is the vital strategy to gain consumers through the online platforms – if you can make the most out of it. But, notably, it is evolving continuously. Therefore staying at par with the latest changes and challenges might be difficult for the marketers.

However, with the right planning and effort, you can change the game. 70-80% of the audience pays attention to the organic results. And 28% out of these searches result in a purchase.

So, it becomes important that you are aware of these insights to prepare your SEO strategies accordingly. Here is a short ‘sum up’ of the trends to look forward to in 2021. Let us begin!

 Mobile-friendliness impacts the rankings

Why does your site need to be mobile-friendly? Because more than half of the world’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

  1. Page load speed is an important consideration in ranking as per google.
  2. Nearly 95% of the organic search traffic comes from Google.

You may be surprised to know that by 2025, approximately 75% of internet users will use the internet facility via mobiles only. The user experience while accessing the content on the mobile holds much importance. So, mobile-friendliness is the foremost trend of SEO in 2021 that impacts the rankings. Here is how you can ensure mobile indexing:-

  1. Ensure that your content is visible to bots and Google crawlers.
  2. Use the same meta tags for the mobile and desktop versions.
  3. Enable lazy loading for quick loading speed in the mobile website.

Don’t forget to include the video

Video is considered one of the most beneficial SEO strategies. Why? Because it has more than 2 billion users. So, this is the right time to support your content through video. It is essential to optimize the video content. For this, include the channel name and description. The description should be user-friendly.

The content length determines SERP

According to a study, the content of more than 3000 words receives more traffic and shares. It also receives 3.5 times more backlinks as compared to the articles of average length ranging between 900-1200 words. Hence, focus on the long content to get higher search rankings. Remember to maintain the content quality as well. Keeping up with the content quality makes content promotion easy for you. For this, divide your content into subheadings. Ensure that you link to authoritative sources having a high authority score. At last, your content must be easy to share. For this, do not forget to include sharing links at the title and the conclusion. This will give readers the chance to share the material instantly. Hence, you can’t miss out on this aspect.

Image optimization is important

Visuals catch the attention of the people. Even Google has said to opt for proper marking and optimization of the pictures. Hence, use high-quality images. Customize the file name. It is advised to use alt tags so that the crawlers find it easy to classify the pictures. Ultimately, to make it easier to crawl, add images to the site map. 

To sum it all up

SEO trends are changing day by day. Long gone are the days when only doing keyword optimization and meta titles worked for you. With the current trends, you have to look out for each and every aspect ranging from images to video. It is essential to stay ahead of your competitors in terms of ranking. Hence, opt for the right SEO tools!

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