The .blog Domain Name: Why You Need It

.blog Domain Name Why

The .blog domain extension is perfect for bloggers (duh!), content creators, and influencers. It is the ideal way to make it known what kind of content can be found on your website and this is ideal for attracting new visitors. What’s more, it will enhance your brand identity, as it defines your website as a blog with vital information to share with interested visitors!

Most blogs are with .com or country extension names. Having .blog domain name is easy to identify by user and search engine.

So, if you are a blogger, business owner, content creator, influencer, or something completely different, here are a few reasons why the .blog extension is simply perfect for your brand:

It optimises brand identity

When it comes to domain name registration, your visitors want to know what to expect when they visit your website. Having more clarity surrounding your website is one of the best ways to increase your online brand identity as customers will know that they are looking for your content before entering your website.

The .blog extension is also far more memorable for bloggers than generic extensions like .com or .org. Say, for example, you run an Italian cooking website called “La Bella Italiana”. Your visitors will have an easier time remembering “” because your website is blogging about food and recipes.

Therefore, having a .blog extension not only optimises your brand identity but also makes it easier for your visitors to find your website!

It can help you rank higher

You have probably heard all about the ostensibly endless SEO ranking factors. From backlinks to content creation, keywords, and social media, it seems like there is an endless array of factors that go into ranking your website. Well, it is important to know that there is another one, too, and that is your web address.

Think about it: you choose a generic, forgettable web address that your potential visitor forgets upon returning home. They will simply not visit your website and this could potentially lose you sales or advertising potential.

Conversely, having a sleek .blog extension that makes it clear what kind of content can be found on your website can help in two ways:

  • Your customers will know that your website contains blog content and therefore they will know what to expect when visiting your site. They will therefore visit your site for a reason and stay longer, thus reducing your bounce rate and positively affecting your SEO ranking.
  • Search engines like Google also like to know what to expect on your website. To do this, they use factors like your domain name extension to index your website and potentially rank it higher. They will know through your .blog extension that your website contains blog copy and will therefore likely rank it higher.

It creates unique branding

Anyone can choose the typical old .com or .org extensions (well, not anyone, as millions of these domain names are already taken, of course!), but a .blog extension creates a sense of unique branding. You have a specific niche subject and you want to share it with your audience, and the .blog extension is the perfect way to show that in your branding.

It will help you facilitate your audience as they will know that you are offering this unique tech content that will help them on their journey toward becoming an SEO professional or avid gardener, home chef, master guitarist – you name it.

The .blog extension is perfect for your branding as it pertains to exactly what kind of website you run – a blog!

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