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The Great Debate: Traditional or Contemporary Luxury Fireplaces

Traditional or Contemporary Fireplaces

Are you in the market looking for new gas fireplaces? Or are you planning on renovating your living room space and thinking about getting either a traditional style or contemporary luxury fireplace?

Traditional vs Contemporary

The vast majority of homeowners today gravitate toward the more traditional-looking fireplaces, which mimic the look of the age-old wood-burning hearth. However, there’s a new contender on the block – contemporary-style fireplaces.

So here are the key differences between the two:

Traditional style

For thousands of years, people have been attracted to the wood-burning hearth not only for the ambiance but also for the heat it provides during the harsh cold days. However, today’s gas fireplaces can also provide all the things that we all love about our traditional wood-burning fireplace, in a much more convenient way, though.

With a remote control or wall switch, modern-day gas fireplaces now feature almost realistic-looking flames. High-end styles, in fact, almost look like the real ones, making it hard to distinguish the difference between a wood-burning one and a gas-fuelled type.

Check out these few examples:

This bold, beautiful glass-enclosed modern gas fire not only has an authentic masonry appearance, realistic-looking logs, and steel construction that is fixed to the wall, making it look like it’s seemingly floating aboveground.

The exposed flue gives the hearth a contemporary raw look, yet the brick construction retains the traditional feel. Also, the gas fire, which is enclosed behind the glass, ensures that the fireplace produces a very high-efficiency fire.

This elegant high-efficiency gas fire features great proportions and dimensions and can be easily installed into an existing chimney or a new setting. The simple, clean lines reflect a traditional setting yet modern enough with a frameless design. It is fully remote-controlled, making it more convenient to operate.

The Modern Contemporary

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing, today’s modern fireplaces can be double-sided, three-sided, or a simple hole in the wall. The stylized flames are even surrounded by coloured glass and shiny metal.

These modern fireplaces also offer the same benefits as that of traditional types, yet a more futuristic look. Pushing the boundaries of design, modern fireplaces incorporate both beautiful aesthetics and function.

It’s basically a different kind of beauty.

Inspired by European design, contemporary fireplaces feature linear flames, unique materials, and a panoramic viewing angle. Homeowners have varying options as regards positioning, whether as an art piece on the wall or a space divider.

Check, for example, the picturesque fireplace below.

This high-efficiency modern gas fire can be installed easily between to rooms, creating not only a visual connection but also a stunning focal point. This fireplace combines heat efficiency, a functional design, and maximum visual transparency.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you haven’t decided which one to choose, you can always combine both fireplace types, with some manufacturers incorporating both design choices into one.

The Choice Is Yours

However, at the end of the day, the ultimate choice relies on your shoulders, whether or not traditional or contemporary luxury fireplaces complement your home’s décor or you’ll get something that reflects both fireplace types.

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