What Are The Ways Of Backing Up Your Mac- A First Timer’s Guide


You cannot ever overstate the importance of regularly backing up your computer. This statement holds good, especially when you are among gazillion Mac users who place essential documents and files on their machine’s storage system.

But what if you encounter a catastrophic data loss? Have you thought about the severe repercussions that will impact your data in a variety of ways? Maybe not because you might be considering the option of backing up your data if you would have. Tech giants emphasize this as one of the dangers that users must accept if they wish to reap the benefits of the digital world. But, is it the best time to backup your data? Well, better late than never, folks.

How to Backup your Data?

Know that the backup methods aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, these work wonders in protecting your data. Now that you know how backing up your data has become a pressing issue, the real question is, how do you do that? Well, reading on is sure to help you attain a sigh of relief.

Method 1: Backup your Mac using Time Machine

Many reasons influence your Mac purchasing decisions for your computing needs. The advanced machine functionality is one of the best features. Another is that this exclusive list makes your computing needs easier and life more productive.

Now that you have decided to use Mac owing to its great uses, Apple engineers realize the importance of backups. Yes, users must be able to take quality backups of their system and data as a whole. And, to make things easier, there is an excellent backup utility known as Time Machine that protects your data.

Know that Time Machine not only backs up your Mac, it keeps hourly backups for the past 24 hours. Yes, you heard that right. There are daily backups for the past month, weekly backups for each month so that users can recover earlier versions of the document. However, if you feel that the Time Machine works poorly during the process and is often stuck preparing backup, worry not. There are solutions to the problem. You can consider reading valuable resources for easy answers. Also, remember to plug your hard drive always because the absence of this may not back up your data at all.

Method 2: Employ a Backup Software:

Now that you’re talking of connecting the hard drive to your system, the second method elaborates the same thing. Ensure using an external storage device to have a clone of your hard drive. Ensure that the external drive you choose is compatible enough to have enough room to have storage for a cloned copy.

Are you wondering what a disk clone is? Well, it indicates copying your disk bit-by-bit for creating a replica of your primary drive. Users employ clones as the main backup methods. These clones are instrumental during your data recovery methods to minimize disk usage on a damaged drive.

Method 3: Backup your Mac to an Online Backup Service:

In addition to the above two methods, another method for backing up your data is through the cloud. With online backup methods, you no longer will have to use external devices and exhaust your storage space to backup your data. iCloud is the key!

There are many methods for performing online backups. These may be through iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. All you’ve to do is register for the service, install the software, and watch the backup process begin. Refer to their FAQs section to sort your queries.


As discussed above, there is a multitude of techniques you can use to back up your Mac.

Mark backing up your data, a priority since failure to do so may expose your machine to data loss and other problems resulting from your event. Choose one or more of these methods to backup and recover your precious files with ease.

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