technology write for usNewer Gadgets team is seeking new professional writers who can write on the latest technology matters. We are currently looking for the article writer who is excellent in English and experience in this field. We don’t accept spammy, off-topic, dead content from the writer or who write only for linking purpose.

Write for Us

  • On the latest Technology news
  • Internet and computer world
  • New smartphones and other gadgets
  • Tech innovations and events
  • Products reviews and specifications

Technology Article Writing Guidelines

  • Provide us an article topic or we can suggest to you.
  • The article must be 300+ words.
  • Good content formatting – small paragraphs, add headings,  bullet points and highlights the main things.
  • We only love to 100% original technology-related content. The article must not be published elsewhere – before and after submission.
  • Add referral links from the trusted sources within the article.

How can you become a Contributor at NewerGadgets?

You will have to approach us here via email with the suggested content topics and use subject “Technology write for us”, “Tech guest posts” or any relevent topic. We will try to response your query as soon as we get it. After that, we will review your content and post it if it matches our content guidelines.

Best of Luck!