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5 Reasons Why Golf Should Be Your New Hobby


If you ask any keen golfer, they’ll be able to give you multiple reasons as to why playing golf is a fantastic hobby to have. Golf is the go-to sport for bringing people together and can be played no matter what ability or age you are. If you’re looking for a new hobby, here are five reason why you should give golf a try.

Increased focus

Learning a new skill gives you something to focus on, and when you see your play improve each week, it will give you the motivation to keep going. Most golf courses offer putting greens to practice your swing and have dedicated golf coaches that will help you fine tune your play. Group golf coaching might be the best bet if you’re a total beginner and looking to find other people who are also just starting out.


Golf courses are an excellent way to socialise and if you have a business, they can even be an effective place to network. You can meet fellow players in the local clubhouse or out on the green, and there’ll definitely be some regular golfing groups that get together each week for a game of casual or competitive golf. If you’re feeling lonely and want to make some new connections – head to your nearest golf course to find other people in the same situation.

Golf clubs also have regular social events throughout the year for members to attend, so you’ll soon see your calendar filing up if you join a local golf club.

Sheer enjoyment

A round of golf or a full-day tournament with your friends is sure to put a smile on your face. People play golf for many reasons, but one of main benefits is because it’s good fun. You get to practise and improve the way you play, catch up with friends while you’re making your way round the course.

Golf vacations for the win

Around the world, there are thousands of excellent golf hotels and specialist golf travel companies that provide stay and play packages for solo golfers, couples, friends and groups. Many of these hotels are adults only, meaning you can truly relax and unwind while playing your favourite game. Why not gather a group of golf mates together from your local course and book a trip together to sample some beautiful scenery and provide a new challenge?

Wellbeing boost

Several studies have found that exercising or simply being outdoors, surrounded by greenery (which there is definitely plenty of on golf courses) has a positive effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. Playing golf keeps you physically fit and helps maintain a positive mindset – thanks to the endorphins, social aspect and vitamin D that comes with playing golf outdoors.

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