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Countries that Allow Buying Real Estate with a Crypto

Buying Real Estate with Crypto

Buying a property safely is the first priority of both buyer and seller. It includes the right dealing, documentation, and money transfer. Most people pay money via cash or bank transfer when they buy a home and other types of property. Paying online seems the safest method as you have the proof (transaction ID) for paying a particular person.

Buying real estate with crypto is a new and advanced way to buy a property. As you can buy online products with this digital currency, it also provides you an option to buy property. Some people may not find a suitable method to pay and receive money, but the person dealing in this currency finds it the best and safest way to pay.

Unlocking Real Estate: Countries Where Crypto Buys You a Home

Cryptocurrency is still not used worldwide that’s why only some countries allow you to pay with these new methods. So the following are the countries enabling real estate purchases using crypto.

1. Canada

Canada has joined the ranks of countries allowing real estate transactions with cryptocurrency. Investors can now purchase property using digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether. This shift reflects the growing acceptance of crypto as a legitimate payment method in the real estate market.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland, known for its bitcoin-friendly stance, permits the purchase of real estate using cryptocurrencies. Investors can explore properties listed on platforms like Bithome, where Bitcoin is accepted. With stabilizing property prices, it’s an opportune time to invest in Swiss real estate

3. Montenegro

Montenegro, a crypto-friendly nation, allows wealthy foreigners to purchase real estate using digital currencies. Despite lacking legal regulation, multi-million transactions in cryptocurrencies have been used to buy properties. For instance, in Rezevici, six villas can be acquired for three million euros worth of Bitcoin

4. Turkey

In Turkey, you can purchase real estate using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The leading real estate company, Antalya Homes, facilitated one of the world’s first real estate sales with Bitcoin in September 2017. This innovative approach allows crypto holders to invest in property without exchange losses

5. United Arab Emirates

In the UUAE, crypto enthusiasts can now purchase real estate using digital currencies. While the central bank has not officially designated cryptocurrencies as legal tender, authorized agencies facilitate transactions for houses, villas, apartments, and buildings with crypto.

6. Thailand

Thailand is the landscape of cryptocurrency and has seen significant growth. The government and regulators have approved several crypto exchanges, including Bitkub, Binance, and eToro. While foreign buyers face legal hurdles due to property ownership laws, some real estate agents now advertise listings where landlords accept crypto.

7. Portugal

Portugal has emerged as a crypto-friendly destination, with tax-free crypto earnings and streamlined regulations. As of April 2022, the Order of Notaries (ON) provides clear instructions for property transactions using crypto. Investors can now buy and sell houses with virtual currencies, making it an attractive option for crypto enthusiasts.

8. Georgia

Georgia, buy real estate with cryptocurrency is now a reality. Developers and private sellers have embraced this trend. ExpatHub’s real estate team facilitates seamless transactions, allowing buyers to use crypto without converting it to fiat currency first. Georgia’s favorable tax laws make it an attractive choice for crypto enthusiasts.

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