Features Needed in a Laptop for Producing Music and Tracks


The real people producers and musicians what specifications and features do they use for music production in Windows and Mac’s computers? The results are here. Top 6 laptops for music production according to you. Before you choose one of these and it’s not what you think first of all let’s cover the specs that you recommend based on your responses the most recommended specs for any laptop are.

  • It must have i7 Intel Processor
  • 16 Giga-Bytes of RAM
  • At least 512GB Salt State Drive (SSD) Memory (ROM)
  • A 15″ inch FHD screen
  • Good microphone and speakers
  • Good battery life

The following are the best laptops that can consider for music production.

1. Apple MacBook Pro 16 Inch

Apple launched this 16 inch MacBook Pro in November 2019. This is the perfect laptop for the songwriter and music production. Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch is powerful in performance. It has high-quality Retina display, next-generation graphics, largest battery – up to 11 hours, a new magic keyboard, a six-speaker sound system & studio-quality mics, touch bar, Touch ID, Apple T2 security chip massive storage and more.

Apple-MacBook-Pro-16-inch laptop

MacBook Pro 16 Inch Key Specs

  • Processor: 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 – i9
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M, Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Size and Display:  16‑inch LED‑backlit Retina display with IPS technology
  • Memory: 1TB SSD
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Ports: 4 x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), USB 3.1 Gen 2

2. The dell XPS 15 Inch

The dell XPS 15″ inch laptop was the most recommended. It is the best laptop in 2019 due to building quality, high performance, good display, and design. It has an excellent screen, accurate keyboard, and good battery life as well. Dell XPS 13 Inch 2020 model has also arrived in the market that has similar performance and upgraded features but it comes with a completely new design.


  • Processor: 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-i9
  • Graphics:  Intel UHD Graphics
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Size and Display: 15.6-inch 4K UHD OLED InfinityEdge display
  • Memory: 512GB SSD
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Camera: 720p webcam
  • Ports: 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) w/ PowerShare, 1 x HDMI, Headphone Jack, SD card reader

3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Number three we have the Lenovo ThinkPad X1. One extreme several of your is recommended Lenovo and included the Yoga and Idea Pad models as well but the ThinkPad X1 got the most votes for Leno. Lenovo looks more business-like maybe because I use one at work but this laptop is much more subtle than the gaming laptops in this roundup. The keys are easy to type on but I don’t care for the trackpad which seems to me to catch up to the processor at times. Otherwise, it’s just your everyday laptop with good power.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Key Specs

  • Processor: 8th-generation Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Size and Display: 15.6-inch FHD touchscreen
  • Memory: 1TB SSDWeight: 1.84kg
  • Camera: 720p HD
  • Ports: 2 x Thunderbolt 3 x USB Type-C, HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, 1 x SD card reader, Mic

4. Asus ROG Strix Hero II

Asus Rog is a gaming laptop with nicely form factor and beautiful colored keyboard. You will like lots of multi-colored lights on the keyboard. It lights strips on the sides logo on the top colored keyboard the keyboard feels better. Super-narrow bezels frame and RGB LEDs wrap around the rim of the chassis make it coolest laptop.


Asus ROG Strix Hero II Key Specs

  • Processor: 8th-generation Intel Core i5 – i7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Size and Display: 15.6-inch FHD, 144Hz panel with G-Sync
  • Memory: 512GB SSD
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Camera: 720p HD
  • Ports: USB 3.1 (Type-C), 2x USB 3.1 (Gen 1), MiniDisplay 1.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2, HDMI 2.0, SD Card, 3.5mm audio jack

5. HP Spectre X360

HP Spectre has a touch screen that had a very competitive price so if you want that option this is a great laptop to choose the HP Spectre X360 is a gaming laptop with great specs. But it is pretty big and bulky. It has a cool brushed metal look, the keyboard feels solid and the screen looks good.

HP-Spectre X360 laptop

HP Spectre X360 key specs

  • Processor: 1.8GHz Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • RAM: 8GB DDR4
  • Size and Display: 13.3-inch FHD touch panel
  • Memory: 512GB SSD
  • Weight: 1.33kg
  • Camera: HP TrueVision FHD IR webcam
  • Ports: 2 x Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C, 1 x USB 3.1, 1 x 3.5mm audio jack, 1 x microSD

6. Razor Blade

Coming in at number five is the Razor Blade. Razor Blade, there is a blade, in my opinion, is the best looking of the. It’s sleek with a multi-colored backlit keyboard, as the latest, i7 Intel core processor and since the Razor markets, these as gaming laptops you get great graphics as well.
When I checked Razor Blades are a little bit more expensive than the others.  In this round, It feels a lot like a MacBook pro. The aluminum body and a really smooth trackpad.

Razer-Blade 15 Inch Laptop

Razer Blade key specs:

  • Processor: 2.2GHz Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Display: 15.6-inch FHD
  • Memory: 512GB SSD
  • Weight: 4.63 pounds (2.10kg)
  • Camera: 1MP built-in webcam (720p)
  • Ports: 1 x Thunderbolt 3; 3 x USB 3.1; 1 x HDMI 2.0

These are some good laptops that are used in the music production industry. Please don’t forget to share if you have a laptop that is powerful enough and fulfill your requirements.

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