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How Can I Improve My Desk Setup

Improve Desk Setup

The new normal is weighing down on some people, and others are getting used to the work-from-home idea. The pandemic has bound us inside our houses and brought work to us. Depending on the current situation, working professionals must bring their office to their home and set up a decoration that will inspire them to work just like they did in the offices. Even when you have started going to the office, you might feel the need to rearrange things a bit. Without bringing much fuss into the topic, it’s important to state that you can decorate your workplace and it will require some minimum setting only. So let’s check out the ideas in this article.

How do I organize my desk drawers?

Desk drawers are easy to manage, you just have to de-clutter them first. Take out the unnecessary things like unused pages, files, and pens that do not work anymore. If you have placed coffee and noodle cups in there, it’s time to remove them and put them in the trash bin in your office. This way you will keep everyone safe from unhealthy situations. Even at home, you need to be tidy. Once you do this you will get much space in the desk drawers. After you have de-cluttered the drawers, you have to put the important files and other official things alphabetically. This way you will find them faster than ever. If you have pens, you can place them side by side.

How do I make my desk cozy?

The first thing you have to do is to find a space that is perfect for hours of work. Your home must have a place that you like, and where you can sit for hours. Choose that area and set up the desk and chair. It will be the first step towards your home office. However, it’s important to upgrade the desk and chair if they are not fit for an office. This will help you work for a long time without cramping your neck and shoulders. Implement a light source at the work table so you can work even after sundown. Manage the cables with a box and it will save your devices and you from accidents. The cable box will arrange the wires in one place, and when you have to reassemble it, the process will be easy. If you have a short height it will be hard to place your dangling feet, so have a small tool under your feet so you don’t feel the discomfort. People who have a good height can put a rug under their feet so they don’t get cold.

How can I decorate my desk at work?

You will find several ways to make your home office look good. But the first thing you have to take care of is the cables of computers and other devices. This is also possible with a good surge protector. You can purchase the same from a reputed online office supply store and once you bought it you can easily manage the cables and the electrical connections at your working corner. This will save space and you won’t ever have any issue detangling them, nor you will trip over them ever again.

After managing the electric cables, now you can place the office stationary on the table. Put a potted plant, and have a snow globe if you are into it. Put the pen stand at the side and if you have no more things to add, then you will get a beautiful work desk at the office.

How can I clear cable clutter from my desk?

De-cluttering the cable will be easier with a cable management box. It might be an issue at home or in the office that all your cables do not have a plug. For that, you can use another device that will help you with it. Once you have a cable management box and a protector for the lines you can easily start the de-cluttering of the desk. Remove the unnecessary papers and things that you don’t need anymore. Clean the desktop with a cleaner and wipe it with a cloth. This way any stain of coffee or soup will disappear and you will get a fresh feeling.


Your workplace should be well-organized so that you get the energy to work there every day. This is the reason you also need a surge protector which will manage the cables for you. It will also ensure the safety of the computer devices and yours as well.

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