Samsung’s New Futuristic Odyssey G9 and G7 Gaming Monitors

Samsung Odyssey G9 and G7 Gaming Monitors

The Futuristic Odyssey Gaming Monitors

Have a glance at what gamers want in a gaming monitor.

1000R Curved Screen

  • Maximizing your field of view with the ideal curvature for the human eye
  • Allowing deeper immersion and focus

Futuristic Design for Winner Strength

  • Infinity Core Lighting in 52 colors and 5 modes
  • Flexible adjustment of height and viewing angle in any direction

240Hz Refresh Rate

  • Screen output at 240 times per second, enabling smooth gameplay without image lag

1ms Response Time

  • Able to reproduce precisely colors rapidly, removing motion blur

G-sync Compatible and TUV Rheinland Certified

  • Industry’s first high performance 1 OOOR display and “Eye Comfort”

Maximizing Gaming Experiences

  • Reproducing visual images intended by the game creators
  • Realizing rapid and seamless gameplay
  • Best for the games that can be won or lost in a moment

Samsung’s Odyssey G9 and G7 Gaming Monitors Specifications:

G9 G7
Screen Size 49 inch 32, 27 inch
Screen Curvature 1000R 1000R
Screen Ratio 32:9 16:9
Panel Type VA Curved VA Curved
Resolution 5120×1400(DQHD) 2560×1400(QHD)
Lighting Infinity Core Lighting Core Lighting
HDR HDR1000 HDR 600
Refresh Rite 240HZ 240HZ
Response Time 1ms (GTG) 1ms (GTG)
Freesynct” 2 Available Available
G-Sync Compatible Available Available

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