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Tips and Tricks About Georgia to California Car Shipping

There may be times when someone is moving from Georgia to California and will need their vehicle shipped to meet them. That’s when it is time to hire a transport company to move your car. There are many that are available, you just must know which one to pick.

This article will tell you how to choose the right shipping company. It will help you to see what to look for when you are looking. You can also do more research to find the information that you need.

Factors to Consider

  1. Delivery Location – You need to determine if you want the vehicle shipped to a home or a business. Not all carriers will ship to a residential area, so you need to make sure that you ask upfront. Most will deliver to some sort of terminal that will be in your city.
  1. What Type of Transport – You could do open transport which means that the trailer is open. A closed transport is one that which the car goes inside a trailer. You could also get expedited shipping which means that your auto will get to its destination sooner.
  1. Availability Rating – You should also check the availability rating of your carrier. This is the rating that tells how fast a company can get a carrier ready for your vehicle. The higher the rating, the better for you because it will be quicker.
  1. Insurance and Liability – The company needs to provide insurance for their carriers. They usually need cargo coverage. Many also have liability coverage. You also need to be sure that you have personal insurance on your car.
  1. Hidden Fees and Costs – A reliable, reputable company will have all its costs and fees laid out upfront. They won’t try to hide them in the contract without telling you about them. Make sure that you read the fine print in any contract before you sign so that you are aware of all fees.
  1. Online Quote – There are companies that will give you a quick, accurate online quote so that you know upfront what your costs will be. There are calculators online that will also give you a good idea about how much it will cost. These are just two ways that you can find out your fees before you choose a carrier.
  1. Personal Belongings – There are some companies that will allow you to carry personal belongings in the trunk of your vehicle for an extra fee. Most will want you to remove all your belongings before they take possession of your auto. Your personal belongings will add extra weight to the overall load.
  1. Online Tracking System – There are some companies that will allow you to track the movement of your vehicle through an online tracking system. This system will show you where your car is each step of the way. If the company doesn’t have this system, they will find a way to communicate this information to you.
  1. Transit Time – Before hiring the company, you need to ask about the estimated time in transit it will take to move your vehicle from Georgia to California. This can help you to plan the trip better and know about how much time you will need to plan for. If you have other plans during that time, it will help you to coordinate things.
  1. Truck Driver Communication and Experience – An experienced truck driver will know that they should communicate with you during this experience. You also want a driver that is experienced with the route so that they take the most direct route. This will help to save you money on shipping costs because they are not going out of their way to get to the destination.


Choosing a transport company can take a lot of work. You are placing an expensive auto in their hands, and you want to make sure that they take care of it. There are many questions that you need to ask to make sure that your car is in good hands.

You want to make sure that there will be an experienced driver moving your vehicle from Georgia to California. You want them to be able to communicate with you during the shipment, either in person or online. This way you will know where your auto is every step of the way. You will also know if there will be any delays with the shipment.

You want a reliable company that can get your vehicle to where it needs to go. When you need Georgia to California car shipping you need to call many companies in Georgia to see what they have to offer. You will need to read reviews to see how others feel about them.

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