UK’s Network Operator EE Launched First 5G Service

EE Launch 5G Mobile Network

It was already clear that the first 5G network will launch in the UK. It is done by UK mobile network operator EE on 30 May 2019 which was researching it for a long time.

EE has launched the UK’s first next-generation 5G mobile network. You will need a new 5G supported device to take the benefits of the fastest 5G internet service.

Initially, it will be available in the six cities – Belfast, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Manchester and ten more locations will be added before the end of 2019.

You will get 10GB of data a month at £54 plus a one-off £170 fee for a compatible handset. 10GB seems less if you download movies, games, and videos more frequently. 5G will provide faster internet speed plus you will be able to send and receive data very quickly.

Many scientists say that it is harmful to humans and nature but tech experts say there is no evidence of danger.

Vodafone is also planning to launch its own 5G service in June month.

So please share your comment if the 5G signal is found in your area.

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