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Best Holiday Destinations to Visit in Sri Lanka

Holiday Sri Lanka Adams Peak

For those who are thinking of holidaying on the fascinating island of Sri Lanka, there are plenty of destinations to travel around and relish. Sri Lanka holiday deals will soak you in the marvels of the jewel of the Indian Ocean. From friendly people to warm hospitality, from religious shrines to historical monuments, from the biodiverse nature to national parks and coastlines, from the tropical climate to hill country bliss, the best holiday destinations in Sri Lanka will bring the essence of Sri Lanka luxury holidays. The diverse landscapes have seduced travellers for many years while opening a variety of places to visit and activities to embark on.  Here are a few destinations to explore for sojourning to Sri Lanka.

Adams Peak

Often called “Sri Pada”, Adam’s Peak is a spearlike tall mountain standing in the central part of Sri Lanka. This place is renowned for the sacred footprint of a holy character, engraved near the pinnacle. Various religions hold different beliefs on the footprint – According to Buddhists it is believed as the footprint of Lord Buddha while Hindus think it belongs to Lord Shiva and Christians and Muslims believe it as the imprint of Prophet Adam. It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites provided


A trip is not complete without a visit to Sigiriya also called the lion rock fortress which was built during king Kashyapa’s realm. Once a place and then a Buddhist monastery, Sigiriya boast of a noteworthy historical past. Due to the best-preserved architecture and ancient site planning, Sigiriya is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site in Sri Lanka. Even today, travellers can encounter the archaeological remains of Sigiriya including the mirror wall, three types of gardens; boulder, cave, and water gardens, lions paw, spiral staircase, pools, five gates, and frescoes.


For those who want a holiday alongside the beach, Mirissa is the perfect coastal area on the South coast of Sri Lanka. Relax in the acres of palm-swaying windy beach together with exciting water activities. This coastal hamlet allows you to indulge in water sports like snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, and many other adventures. No wonder it has been known as a surfer’s paradise, the sea currents during the high season create ultimate surfing points. Not only that but also gives the whale watching adventure and nighttime mingling experience. Many tour operators conduct whale-watching tours around Mirissa beach. So, don’t ever miss it.


This is the last ancient capital kingdom of Sri Lanka located in the central plateaus. Standing on the center of the island, flanked by gorgeous green hills, Kandy is a marvelous city infused by the ethos and sheltering the temple of sacred tooth relics. The city is blessed with incredible culture and festivals known as Kandy Esala Perahera. It is the grand Buddhist festival celebrated between July and August. Cultural show, Kandy Lake, Kandy Museum, Udawattakele forest reserve, Peradeniya botanical garden, Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha figure, Hanthana mountain range, city viewpoint, and the national museum of Kandy are the best sightseeing places of the central highland.


Want to live and spend like a millionaire? Colombo has everything you are seeking during Sri Lanka luxury holidays. Whether you are in search of five-star hotels, elegant shopping malls, classy restaurants, casino spots, night clubs, and luxury entertainment – well, you will find them all in the heart of the country.  Eclectic culture and buzzing town – the synonyms for Colombo. Get around Beira Lake, Marino mall, Galle Face Green, independence square, lotus tower lotus stadium, or Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre for a never boring holiday experience in Colombo.

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