Top 5 Spectacular Destination Weddings to Inspire You


Destination weddings are exponentially growing in popularity as soon-to-be newlyweds find ways to make their big day not only memorable but also uniquely inspiring. Since Hawaii and the Caribbean have been too played out, it’s high time to look at the rest of the world for your dream wedding destination.

Below, we’ve listed down the top 5 exciting locations, which are highly recommended by luxury travel agent, where you and your sweetheart could exchange your heartfelt vows.


Of course, topping the list would be the most romantic place on the planet. Imagine the sweeping vineyards, picturesque landscapes, a charming contemporary lifestyle and also French hospitality all personify the grandeur of your wedding day!

France is the obvious choice for your royal fairy tale wedding. Well, what could be better than the land of cheese, wines, fashion, literature, museums and of course romance?

There’s a plethora of chateaux you and your sweetheart could choose from, like the picture-perfect Château de Versailles, opulent Château de Chantilly or even the elegant Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, all of which features majestic edifices and stunning landscaped gardens that will surely captivate you and your guests.

France isn’t just sprawling with gorgeous chateaux. This romantic destination offers other options too. If you’re enthralled by a beach wedding, then make it a dream come true. You can choose from local seaside resorts such as St Tropez on the Riviera, Cannes, Nice, and La Baule and Biarritz on the West Coast.


Have you ever dreamed of a chic Mediterranean-inspired wedding? Then look no further than Greece. Filled with history, picturesque landscapes, rich culture and delicious cuisine, Greece and its islands are still hugely an attractive destination wedding for a growing number of couples looking to add an extra magic to their big day.

Exchange your vows in the famous white and blue villas and churches in Santorini, justifiably one of the most popular islands in Greece. The island features fantastic views and excellent beaches. The islands’ laid back and clean aesthetic lends itself to a more personal wedding.

It’s really hard to go wrong in a place as magical as this.


If you’ve been dreaming of an exotic, yet romantic setting for your special day, then experience the being in an Arabian Nights story with the scent of rose petals surrounding you. Other than that, Morocco is a beautiful country rich with Moorish architecture of southern Spain and very hospitable locals.

With the ornate colours of the décor and buildings, you have an endless colour palette for your wedding. Holding your wedding in Morocco allows you to experience some of the country’s oldest traditions.

From legendary pre-wedding parties to henna paintings will surely enrich your bridal experience and are also wonderful ways of embracing the Moroccan culture.


Ever dreamed of saying, “I do” with the warm, sunny weather, white sand beaches and turquoise waters in the backdrop? Then you’re dreaming of Mexico. Many couples are enticed by what this country has to offer. From spicy cuisine to a colourful culture, an extensive coastline to a wide range of accommodations, you can’t go wrong with Mexico.

In fact, beach weddings are immensely popular here thanks to a growing number of all-inclusive resorts just sprawling along the stunning coastlines.


There’s no other magical place to get married than in Ireland. Known as the “Emerald Isle”, Ireland is beaming with spectacular views, lush landscape and castles for an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests.

The vintage feel and look of a wedding in Ireland with a touch of bohemian theme comes together to create a perfect and magical wedding destination. And don’t forget the Irish hospitality with their genial spirit! It means your wedding day will definitely be a celebration for everyone involved.

Summing up

Choose from perfect and inspiring wedding venues to make it official with your sweetheart. Mark the beginning of your married life creating a magical and unforgettable wedding experience by locking on that venue and the date with your luxury travel agent!

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