ColorOS 13 Software Top 10 New Features List


Oppo launched ColorOS 13 today in India. ColorOS 13 will not just be seen on Oppo mobile phones, but also on Realme phones as well because Realme started off as a sub-brand of Oppo. The following are the top 10 new features you will see when you will update your phone in 2022 along with Android 13. This new ColorOS version is a fresh & vital anamorphic, increases productivity, and designs a reliable experience.

  1. Eco-Friendly Always-On Display: Always-on display features look well-optimized in this new software version.
  2. iOS-like Large Icons and Folders: The company has changed Icons design. Now you can choose the smartphone icons according to your interest. New icons are more graceful, more simplistic, and more comfortable.
  3. The notification bar design is also changed and new widgets & redesigned controls.
  4. Now screenshots can be taken by swiping your three fingers on the phone screen – three-finger screenshot gesture mode.
  5. You will get an option to hide your private things or any documents, photos, videos, and audio files.
  6. The dark mode is also added for increasing the battery life and protecting your eyes.
  7. OPPO is now the smartphone company that authorized partners with DigiLocker. DocVault is a quick, easy, and smart way of managing.
  8. You will also see Music Party (music listening app) and Soloop (video editing app) pre-installed when you will update the phone.
  9. You will not miss the display touch while you are playing games. ColorOS 13 comes with a 15% higher-touch response speed in gaming.
  10. OPPO software development team also included AI Beautification 2.0 to increase your photo quality.

Extra Features:

Refined sound effects – natural sounds, animation to illustrate our amazing fast-charging, dynamic wallpapers, new themes, smart assistant, and are also added in new ColorOS 13 features.

ColorOS 13 Beta recruitment stars from Nov 27 for realme X2 Pro. Other smartphones will start getting a new ColorOS update in 2020.

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