Mobile Phones that Emit the Most and Least Radiation

smartphone Emit Most and Least Radiation
The mobile phone radiation may be harmful if you are a heavy phone user and keep your phone in pocket, hand, or near your body all the time. Most of the mobile buyers forget to check the phone radiation level or they do not aware of this thing while buying a phone.

The Phones that Emit the Most Radiation

Statista released a report in which top smartphone makers like Xaiomi, OnePlus, HTC, and even Google’s phones emitting higher radiation than a standard level. You can see the report below and most of Chines companies phone come on the top of the list. Xiaomi Mi A1 is creating the highest radiation level. After that, OnePlus 5T & 6T which are a super fast phone but come on the 2nd place. HTC U12 Life, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 5 and even iPhone 7 are also creating the highest radiation. Phones Emit Most Radiation

The Phones that Emit the Least Radiation

There is also a list of phones which have a low radiation level. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the top of this list. ZTE Axon Elite on the 2nd number, and LG G7 on 3rd positon. If you also take a look at this report it seems most of the Samsung smartphones have a low radiation level. Phones Emit least Radiation
I hope this report will help you which phone should buy or not. To check your phone radiation level, just dial *#07# and SAR 1g limit: 1.6W/Kg. So you phone SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value should be below the 1.6W/Kg.

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