NBA 2K23: Dreamer Edition Cover Revealed Along With My Career


Hip-hop singer J. Cole, a Grammy Award winner, has been announced by 2K as the NBA 2K23 DREAMER Edition’s cover star. The new NBA 2K23 MyCAREER video and music have also been made available by the company. Now let’s see the news updates…

DREAMER Edition Cover

This autumn, the NBA 2K23 DREAMER Edition will be available exclusively at GameStop in the United States and Canada for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. NBA 2K23’s brand-new MyCAREER experience, which boasts the longest and most intricate narrative in the franchise’s history, will be available only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The narrative, which takes place after the NBA Draft, presents athletes with the task of juggling their on-court success with their off-court professions in music, fashion, and business. Elite and Bas, two artists from Dreamville, will aid players in making friends with J. Cole and winning the hearts and minds of The City as part of the diverse ensemble of characters and cameo appearances in MyCAREER.

NBA 2K continues to be the gold standard for exhibiting all things basketball culture, according to J. Cole. “NBA 2K has always been a place to find fresh musical talent via their game,” he said. “It’s been an incredible adventure to not only be featured on this year’s game’s cover but also to contribute to the MyCAREER music and narrative and introduce the DREAMER brand to NBA 2K. Additionally, there will be more, so keep an eye out for Bas and Elite in this year’s MyCAREER tale as well as all Dreamville and DREAMER brand drops throughout Seasons.

According to Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing strategy at NBA 2K, “the sheer scope, depth, and talent included in this year’s MyCAREER deliver an unrivaled experience inside NBA 2K23.” The most talented person on that list is our first cover star, who really lives at the nexus of music and basketball. NBA 2K23 has become a cornerstone of culture, which is shown by bringing visionary like J. Cole and DREAMER into the creative process for both the game and the music. When the game comes out on September 9, 2022, players can turn to authorized marketplace to buy MT 23 coins at the cheapest price for a better experience


At launch, the NBA 2K23 soundtrack will contain a number of well-known singers from across the world. There are also plans to release three new songs every Friday to highlight different artists, as well as record label collaborations and integrations throughout Seasons.

At release, the NBA 2K23 soundtrack has the songs “TITANIC (feat. Rich Brian)” by Jackson Wang, “Rucón” by Alemán, “West Like (feat. Kalan.FrFr)” by Destiny Rogers, “The Matrix” by Ski Mask the Slump God, “Surround Sound”.

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