Top 10 Features of New Apple iOS 13

Apple iOS 13 Features

Apple announced new iOS 13 for iPhone in WWDC event. Apple iOS 13 is faster, smoother and darker. Read the top 10 features of new iOS 13.

Dark Mode OS

The new Dark Mode will deliver a great viewing experience across all store and 3rd party apps. It will save the iPhone battery life and better for the eyes. iOS 13 provides an option to switch the dark mode.

Powerful Editing Tools for Photos and Videos

Using on-device machine learning, Photos and videos are intelligently organized, discover and relive favorite memories, making it easier to browse, with autoplay videos to bring the library to life. Photo editing is more intuitive and comprehensive with new software.

Private Sign In with Apple

Apple introduced a new way to sign into apps and websites. Now you can log in with Face ID or Touch Id instead of verifying email id or social media account or choosing passwords which make the process fast and easy.

All-New Maps Experience

Apple is delivering a new Maps experience with better pedestrian data, broader road coverage,  more precise addresses, and more detailed landcover. They drive 4 million miles to rebuild the base-map and high-resolution 3D photography. It will roll out in 2019 for the US and to more countries in 2020.

Improvement in Siri

Now Siri has a new, more natural voice, that you can be heard very cleanly and Siri Shortcuts now supports Suggested Automation that provides personalized routines. Siri can also now read your incoming messages and tell you in a voice so that you don’t have to stop what you are doing.

Shared Audio

Another rich feature is wireless audio sharing that makes it easy to watch a video or share the music with a friend by simply bringing a second pair close to the iPad or iPhone.

Customized Animoji

Animoji or Memoji also feature new hairstyles, makeup, headwear, piercings, and accessories that can be used in Mail, Messages, and other apps.


The CarPlay got the biggest update and it has now a new dashboard to watch maps, music and more in a single glance.

Voice Control

Using the latest Siri speech recognition technology, now you can operate the Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac entirely by their voice more accurately and quickly.

Performance and Apps improvements

Apple improved its entire system and reduced app download sizes by 50%, as the results, the app will launch very fast. You will also see the improvement in these apps – support swipe typing keyboard, Reminders, Messages, HomePod, Notes, QuickPath, Text Editing, Location Services and more.

Please share your experience with the latest Apple iOS 13, below in the comments.

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