5 Best Business Event Manager Software


Managing a business event is certainly a strenuous job, especially when you are organizing a large scale international event. But, you can now simplify the considerable part of event management by taking it online. Going online for almost everything has now become the trend and when you take the management procedure online, a good deal of your time is saved, which you can invest in something more productive. Moreover, the event management software is a smart concept, just apt for today’s hectic schedule.

So the event management gurus these days are frankly advocating about the utilities of having such a software. But, remember that, not all the software available in the market is effective. Here are some of the leading event management software.

1. Eventbrite

Get cost-effective event management planning with the help of Eventbrite. Organize events online and sell tickets easily just by a few clicks. Whether it’s a business conference, or the famous film and music festivals, Eventbrite helps you plan it all, irrespective of their shapes and sizes. They bring you innovative technology with attractively low fees.

2. Cvent Event Management

From online event registration, attendee management, plan events to measure the event’s success, you can get everything with Cvent Event Registration. The software rationalizes the traditional s process of managing an event. From the planning phase to execution, everything can be effortlessly done by the event planner from the back end. Take your events to the next level with this software.

3. Deskflex

When it comes to event planning, Desk Flex is your ultimate destination. It’s easy to navigate, a top-notch platform that helps you plan your event in a way you want. Whether it’s a business event, conference, or shared workspace, this is the best meeting room booking software you can plan it just by a few simple clicks on your mouse. And, the best part is definitely the pricing part. With its automated features, you can easily get a prior prediction about the costing. Desk Flex also allows users to book park management and equipment reservations.

4. EventZilla

Eventzilla brings you affordable event management and registration software to manage business events of any size and shape. Whether it’s a free event or a paid one, Eventzilla has a tailored solution for everything. It covers the leading features of an event management software and also provides a range of customized solution to plan the stuff effortlessly.

5. Eventleaf

For business events, Eventleaf is a trusted solution. From creating speaker profiles to form agenda details, photos and videos, selling tickets, and packages, Eventleaf can solve your business even management worries at one go. With it, you can also create customized registration form, promote the event, send the invitation form and RSVPs, keep a track on the attendee registration, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your smart and effective business event management software before you start planning for the next.

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