10 Interesting Features and Specs of Apple Watch Series 6


Nowadays a watch is not used for time watching or managing your phone callings, it goes behind that. A watch has become a health and fitness gadget and the new Apple Watch proves it. Apple is bringing new health features every year in its watch series. Apple Watch Series 6 has many new features and specs that should be in a digital, fitness, and health watch.

Top 10 Features and Specs of Apple Watch Series 6


Apple Watch 6 has efficiency and sensors that support doing your ECG with the ECG app to read your heart’s electrical signals.

Measuring your blood oxygen levels

The new blood oxygen sensor and app is made up of four LED clusters and four photodiodes that determine your blood oxygen level.

Apple S6 Chip

Another tech improvement, it has an Apple S6 chip and a couple of new sensors. The new chip is faster, smoother, and efficient.

Track Your Move. Exercise. Stand.

You can still track your movement in watch 6 including walking, running, sleeping, exercising, or standing as you see and do in the previous generation watches.

New Faces

Apple Watch 6 comes with the newest faces ever, so customize them to match your style, mood, or favorite activity.

New Colors

However, the watch material and design are the same as the Apple Watch 5 but there are some new colors in Apple watch– blue, gold, graphite, and red. You can customize the watch strip according to your style.

Sleep Tracking

The new Sleep app will not only track your sleep but also work with your iPhone to assist you in building a schedule and bedtime routine.

Hand-Washing Countdown

Apple Watch 6 can automatically detect when you are washing your hands and say to you to go for at least 20 seconds. It will keep reminding you to wash your hands when you arrive at home.

Heart Rate

If your heart rate remains high and low beats per minute while you seem to be inactive for 10 minutes. it is a good device for low and high blood pressure patients.

More upgraded features and apps

The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, workout goals tracking system, sleep tracking, and hard fall & connects you with SOS emergency services, an Always-On Retina display, streams 70 million songs with Apple Music, new Siri, maps, controls Apple devices, and more.

So these are some new features in the Apple Watch Series 6. So what purpose do you want to buy this watch?

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