Google Android Q Beta Rolling out to Pixels Devices, See Key Features


Google Releases Android Q Beta for Developers. Android Q Beta first look brings a number of additional security and privacy features for users, new APIs for connectivity, as well as enhancements for foldable, NNAPI extensions, new media codecs and camera capabilities, Vulkan 1.1 support, faster app startup, and more.

Giving users more control over the location

How so what’s new though big changes google talked? A lot about being opening and up with you in terms of the security at permissions things like that we’ve seen some of this is an elite to build. So what I mean by that is if you open a now and it requests or permission this is kind of what you get you to giant box that says hey this happens to access something this one’s the location and it says do allow there’s all the time or maybe only when you’re using the per deny it altogether.

I think you understand the importance. There is an app you’re not using is trying to access something maybe that wanted doing that right in the background. So you can deny apps from doing the and less their open a kind of a cool little future so it’s going to hadn’t allowed now that’s we’re going to happen no matter. What using whenever and u top ask for one of those important permissions. You’ll get that so kind of a cool thing and you’re going to want to be able to control those.

More privacy protections in Android Q

When we go back into settings actually going to go into the privacy section. I showed you so this new section there’s some other stuff in your will talking out permissions but this is a control for on your lock screen. What you want to notifications to look like on there you’ll find audiophile service in your now a lot of filters. You should always you the hardest things to find and in fact, I can tell you where to find it on pie but out in the privacy section lock you which is very handy so we’ll go into permissions the layout of our permissions.

Actually looks about the same in Google Android Q until you just dive into one so we’re going the camera you know a section for allowing a section forward in the night and to show you the different cereals swipe up it will go into the pie set up here soap. I set up here’s a camera the difference here is pretty obvious here huge now toggles for on-off whether you can access permission that could be confusing to people.

The new version says look these ones can access your camera these ones can’t rather than this toggle if you and change one you just tap on and go ahead and allows or not so pretty sure forward stuff but it just one of those ideas that Google’s going with to try to make things look a little more simple.

Camera/mic background access

The next thing want to show you the is a happy full page is so for a long press on an app and we go into the happened full page so what’s get the camera up here it’s well so it happens folk focus is just the way out of change a little bit. I also enjoy the fact that they had in an open but and I can’t sometimes have been in and happen vote page.

I wanted to open the operate away and was unable to so that change the other laid out to change a few notifications actually telling. You have any locations you’re getting per week or based on a certain amount of time whereas over here. It’s not telling me but the way from there don’t we changed much the section is kind of all that’s new here so that’s kind of the differences were found so far you just these little menu changes and things like that.

You can Share the Things Faster Now

One thing Google is telling us there was that they share men. You should be much faster so if I do like the joy life and I go to an article that they. I want to share that so if Igo ahead and share now pops up and it’s like ready to roll and its most to be fast you’ll know. What I’m talking about if you’ve used one of the Google phones and the past returned to share something and it just took forever so much load faster now.


In terms of notifications up there this might just be a minor thing will one thing I notice is if you want to get something now you can’t swipe it that way anymore if I do things swipe. We’ll see it won’t get rid of that early gives me mice news option are no longer show notifications from for one actually slide. Something the way I have to swipe it that way on the regular pixel. I can slight either way and I can just do like a little half to get into that menu but now if you do this wide that way when it won’t dismiss it.

Some more small changes

A battery percentage and eat some stands more icons are also showing in you up. There as we find and some of those in order to see those on this. You have to look at the next to go down to make sense again not a huge changes sort of something. I’m noted if you do want to talk about some bigger stuff well if we go back into settings one thing. I will show you is in a display so displace things have changed here number want probably because this is an early you build the theme is auction is gone so the later darker bayesian wallpaper. Improved peer-to-peer and internet connectivity, Wi-Fi performance mode, Camera, media, graphics interface,  Sharing shortcuts, Settings Panels,  Foldable and innovative new screens are the new things.

How do You Install Android Q Beta?

If you want to install Android Q on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL enroll here to get Android Q Beta updates over-the-air. But If you do not have a Pixel device, you can go at the Android Emulator and download the latest emulator system images.

That’s all for now. I hope we will see more cool stuff in the future.

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