OnePlus Concept One Unveiled A Smartphone with Disappearing Cameras

oneplus concept one smartphone

Chinese phone maker OnePlus and usually keeps it quiet presence at CES, but at this year’s tech trade show. It announced its first-ever concept phone. The OnePlus Concept One. The phone features a special glass that uses an electric current to tint the lens of the rear cameras. When the cameras are not in use the glasses opaque and black. When it’s time to take a photo, the glass turns transparent and the cameras are visible.

The phone camera filter and it works very quickly. It takes less than a second, but up close it’s a little bit underwhelming. Especially since personally. I never had an issue with seeing my camera lenses. In addition to aesthetics, the future will also create a neutral density filter for the camera, which can be controlled to tweak the exposure.

The company showed off the device with a McLaren design. All this leather and orange and stitching and extra lines aren’t exactly minimalistic. This phone will no doubt be more expensive given all the R and D and materials that went into it.

OnePlus worked on this for 18 months and got this idea of while partnering with the supercar company when they release limited edition phones, you can see this kind of opaque transforming glass in the sunroofs and windows of luxury cars.

One plus explored the idea of hiding cameras last year with its OnePlus 7 Pro.¬†That phone had a pop-up front-facing camera so it displays wasn’t interrupted with a notch or a tab.

The company didn’t announce any availability details for the new OnePlus Concept One phone. The new design isn’t as ambitious or far-reaching as concept phones go, but it does mark OnePlus’s first CES announcement, and it gives users a small glimpse of where it’s going in the future.

Watch OnePlus Concept One phone in the video:

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