You Don’t Need These 10 Gadgets If You are Using Smartphone

Smartphone killed gadgets

Life without a smartphone seems difficult nowadays. If you ask someone what is the most important gadget or thing for you in your life, he/she will say “a smartphone”. It connects us with the world and provides many benefits, but despite these good things, the smartphone has killed other devices which are mentioned below:

1. Camera

The first thing that a smartphone has replaced “Camera”. Now you don’t need to carry a portable or heavy camera to shoot your photos or videos on special occasions. A smartphone can capture beauty picture or record video for you any time and anywhere.

2. Audio and Video Player

There was a time when people love to learn music on their mp3 players and walkman. They were bought the CDs and cassettes and run in the players. But smartphones have made it super easy.  You can download or listen to music video online anytime without paying much.

3. Calculator

However, still people use a calculator at the shops and offices but most of the people manage match calculation and number counting from their mobile calculator.

4. Torch Light

Mobile phones LED light has enough power to light up your room or way. You can’t keep a torch always with you. So the smartphone provides you this feature that’s why torches are found rarely at home.

5. Hand Watch

There was a time when everybody wants to wear a watch to see the time. But these days people are avoiding to wear traditional classic watches because they have a smartphone to check the time.

6. FM Radio

The radio was the best choice for music and news listener. The mobile phone also has replaced it. Nowadays, most of the smartphone has an FM Radio player to play all the channels which are in the range. So if you still want to enjoy music, news, and local stuff, you may go with top FM radio such as Revo radio, Radios Kenwood, Bose, Tivoli Audio, Ruark Audio, Panasonic, Sony and more.

7. Calendar and Alarm

Wall hanging and standing calendars were easily found at every home but the smartphone has also killed calendars and wake-up alarms.

8. Voice Recorder

Voice recorder was used to record voice memos & on-site sounds at unlimited length. You can also record your voice and voice calls in a smartphone now.

9. Compass

A compass is an instrument used for orientation and navigation. It tells geographic cardinal directions. Latest smartphones have compass sensors to show you the direction.

10. Contact Diary or Phone Book

The smartphones give you the option to store your contact in one place and access them so quickly. That’s the reason people don’t use the contact diary to write down and remember the phone numbers.

Let us know if you are still using any above gadgets along with the smartphone!

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