WhatsApp Urges to Update App Immediately After Notice Spyware Attack

whatsapp security update

WhatsApp discovers ‘targeted’ surveillance attack and encourages users to update app today over security issues.

According to the Financial Times, the spyware was built by Israeli cybersecurity agency and aims to steal the information from some selected users.

They make phone calls to transmit the malicious code if user response it, they take over the phone operating systems without the user knowing it or even incoming call remains unanswered. Beware from any unknown messages or calls. Don’t the response to them. Also, delete the recent calls logs always.

However, WhatsApp has already discovered the vulnerability in early May and prepared for it.

So update your Whatsapp today to fix this bug. Please make sure on Android it needs to be 2.19.134 WhatsApp version or later and On iOS, it should be version 2.19.51. WhatsApp claims it has 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries.

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